March 2017 WRAP UP

I didn't do too badly this month... I read a total of 8 books. All were for review from various sources, some NetGalley and some straight from the publisher. Everyone of them was a great read. The White Hare is the star read of the month for me, it was so beautiful, definitely a must … Continue reading March 2017 WRAP UP


Gardenia by Kelsey Sutton Ivy knew that when her best friend, Vanessa, was murdered she would only have 27 days to find her killer; because in 28 days Ivy would be dead. In a small dead-end town, 17-year-old, grief-stricken Ivy, struggles to find her best friend murderer, although Ivy herself is harboring her own secret; … Continue reading ARC BOOK REVIEW; GARDENIA


Ten years ago, college student Quincy Carpenter went on vacation with five friends and came back alone, the only survivor of a horror movie–scale massacre. In an instant, she became a member of a club no one wants to belong to—a group of similar survivors known in the press as the Final Girls. Lisa, who lost nine sorority sisters to a college dropout’s knife; Sam, who went up against the Sack Man during her shift at the Nightlight Inn; and now Quincy, who ran bleeding through the woods to escape Pine Cottage and the man she refers to only as Him. The three girls are all attempting to put their nightmares behind them, and, with that, one another. Despite the media’s attempts, they never meet...

ARC BOOK REVIEW: Flame in the Mist

Once again this is a NetGalley copy that I have had lingering around on my Kindle forever. After receiving a copy in my FairyLoot I finally gave in and read it... honestly I was a tad bit disappointed. Personally I thought the writing style a little unnecessarily over complicated, it took a while to get used to but it was beautifully descriptive. 

JULY 2017 FAIRY LOOT – Tricksters

Once again I will try to keep this short as I am fully aware that the content of box boxes is generally plastered absolutely everywhere. So I will just give a quick description from the spoiler card and a super short opinion. Also, this has been my favorite book to date. Everything in it was useful and there was definitely less bumph.

ARC BOOK REVIEW: All The Stars Left Behind

Relocating to Arctic Norway would put a freeze on anyone’s social life. For Leda Lindgren, with her crutches and a chip on her shoulder the size of her former Manhattan home, the frozen tundra is just as boring as it sounds. Until she meets her uncle’s gorgeous employee. Unfortunately, no matter how smoking hot the guy is, Roar comes with secrets as unnerving as his moving tattoos. And Leda doesn’t trust him. Roar shouldn’t be drawn to the moody human girl with eyes that leave him weak in the knees. But when Leda gets shot by one of his enemies and survives, Roar finally understands why he’s drawn to her: Leda is exactly what he was sent to Earth to find. A weapon of immense power capable of saving his planet. She just doesn’t know it yet.


In a ruined, nameless city of the future, a woman named Rachel, who makes her living as a scavenger, finds a creature she names “Borne” entangled in the fur of Mord, a gigantic, despotic bear. Mord once prowled the corridors of the biotech organization known as the Company, which lies at the outskirts of the city, until he was experimented on, grew large, learned to fly and broke free. Driven insane by his torture at the Company, Mord terrorizes the city even as he provides sustenance for scavengers like Rachel.