Review Policy
I am currently accepting a select few requests.
I do have lots of books in my current To Review pile, so I am being super fussy when excepting review copies.

As I try to review all books I read regardless of where they come from, not all books in the REVIEWS category have been sent to me for free (from author/publisher)

• All content, both photos and text are my own •

 I will always try to complete and publish my reviews within a week of the release date

Rating System
I rate books based on a five-star scale.
Essentially the same as Goodreads.

 1 star – didn’t like it 

2 stars – it was ok 

3 stars – liked it 

4 stars – really liked it 

5 stars – it was amazing 

Contact me using the below contact form, leave me a comment or email me book.polar@yahoo.com