Mini REVIEW: Hindsight

Hindsight by Melanie Casey Release Date; Published May 1st 2013 by Pantera Press Cass Lehman has a terrifying 'gift'...The youngest in a family of extraordinary women with supernatural talents, Cass is cursed with the not-so-sexy gift of seeing the past...but not just any past; she sees death. For years she's hidden herself away in her family … Continue reading Mini REVIEW: Hindsight

Mini REVIEW: Anxiety For Beginners

Having anxiety, like a huge majority of the world, I decided to start to take control and do some research about it, so when I saw this on NetGalley I was so glad when I was approved to review it. This book took me months to finish, not because it was awful or slow or boring but because I used it as a tool; and for that reason I can't thank Eleanor Morgan enough. I would be on the bus, sweating from head to toe, about to shit myself, mid anxiety attack and I would whip this book out of my of bag. Not only did it distract me but it also made me feel normal and explain to me why I am experiencing these feelings.

REVIEW: The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

Although it has been a couple of years since I have read one of my beloved Karin Slaughter books, it was nice to be introduced to fresh brand new characters. The Good Daughter differed from many other Slaughter reads as it wasn't just a cut and dry whodunit. We have much more family relations and emotional struggles all relating back to the first horrific incident. Although still with plenty of twist and turns, and many edge of   moments, this is definitely a character driven thriller.


Again, you guys know the score... I will try to keep this short as I am fully aware that the content of box boxes is generally plastered absolutely everywhere. So I will just give a quick description from the spoiler card and a super short opinion. Once again, this wasn't my favorite box, as I have mentioned it before I am into the subscription boxes for the books (if only BOTM shipped to UK) and the book just wasn't what I was expecting and not something I would generally pick up AGAIN. Anyway check out what I received down below...

Mini REVIEW: Seven Suspects

For the record, I was unaware that this was part of a series before I started but that took absolutely nothing away from the story. In a nut shell the story follows Bobbi, a transgender and who had previously suffered through rape as she struggles to discover who is stalking her. After narrowing her suspicions down to a list of 6 she hunts them down and eliminate them one by one from her list. I loved Bobbi, she is so strong and determined and so easy to care about and I really got to like her and enjoy her sense of humor. Reading a lot of thrillers, I love finding a gem like this, with plenty of diversity and representation, and genuinely surprising twists. It is a brilliant with out a doubt an edge of your seat mystery with plenty of suspense. I am 100% going to go back and start the series from the beginning.

Mini REVIEW: The Other Girl

It has been years since I have read an Erica Spindler book and this one didn't disappoint, it was a real heart pounding thriller. Although I sussed out the plot quite early on (I read a lot of thrillers) this didn't detract from the storyline of Miranda, the cop is in a race against time to solve a murder before her past comes back to haunt her. I loved the whole troubled teen now a cop trope, I like the amount of grittiness it adds to storyline. The downside for me was all the love scenes. But that's just my personal preference. Love gets in the way of murder and action, but hey! thats just me. Aside from the love this was a really good top-notch thriller, and I would recommend to all of my thriller reading buddies!