BLOG TOUR – The Watcher by Ross Armstrong

The Watcher by Ross Armstrong
Release date; 21st September 2017

The Watcher

She’s watching you, but who’s watching her?
Lily Gullick lives with her husband Aiden in a new-build flat opposite an estate which has been marked for demolition. A keen birdwatcher, she can’t help spying on her neighbours.
Until one day Lily sees something suspicious through her binoculars and soon her elderly neighbour Jean is found dead. Lily, intrigued by the social divide in her local area as it becomes increasingly gentrified, knows that she has to act. But her interference is not going unnoticed, and as she starts to get close to the truth, her own life comes under threat.
But can Lily really trust everything she sees?


My Review


In a nut shell, the story follows Lily a bird watcher stuck in a dead end job, spending most of her time bumming around her apartment spying on the neighbours, until she gets too involved in a local mystery.
The whole book is wrote through letters on the run up to a big event and for the majority of the book we are unaware of who she is writing to. Although the book is certainly a thrill it is very much a slow building, unsettling read, with huge amounts of disturbing intrigue. I found Lily as the narrator really interesting, with the whole book told from her point of view you never know what to trust or believe. And we get incredible insight to her thoughts and feelings, and perspective. There was something really unsettling about Lily’s thought process, she was manic and unpredictable, although eerie made it a really interesting read.
Even the side characters; Jean, Paul, her dad, I found myself doubting them, as we were looking through Lily’s eyes.
Overall I found it a super quick read, with some incredible twists and turns. The Watcher would be brilliant for all thriller and mystery fans. It was eerie, unsettling, intriguing and definitely not like any other thriller I have read before.


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Check out the author…

Ross Armstrong is an actor and writer based in North London. He studied English Literature at Warwick University and acting at RADA. He’s performed on stage with the RSC in shows such as Oppenheimer in the West End and with the Donmar in Hamlet on Broadway, as well as numerous TV appearances including Foyles War, Jonathan Creek, Mr Selfridge, DCI Banks and the upcoming series of Ripper Street. The Watcher is his first novel.

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