Mini REVIEW: Close To Me

Close To Me by Amanda Reynolds
Release Date; July 27th 2017 by Wildfire

She can’t remember the last year. Her husband wants to keep it that way.

When Jo Harding falls down the stairs at home, she wakes up in hospital with partial amnesia-she’s lost a whole year of memories. A lot can happen in a year. Was Jo having an affair? Lying to her family? Starting a new life?

She can’t remember what she did-or what happened the night she fell. But she’s beginning to realise she might not be as good a wife and mother as she thought.

AHHH I was so excited to read this book and it didn’t disappoint.

Jo Harding wakes up in hospital after falling down the stairs with no recollection of the last year. As she struggles to find out who she has become and what has happened only her family stand in the way of her answers, but why? What don’t they want her to know?

Told in alternating chapters from before and after the accident and told entirely from Jo’s POV the author did an amazing job of conveying Jo’s thoughts and feelings; confusion, terror, suspect and doubt, made all the more realistic by Jo being a truly dislikeable human being.

I loved the fact that the story kept me guessing from beginning to end. If you have read any of my previous reviews you will know I am a huge fan of family drama thrillers, I just love watching the dysfunction play out.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and knew from the first chapter that I would read it all in one sitting. It had great pacing and enough intrigue to keep my attention.

A great read for any BA Paris or Alice Feeny fans.

Thank you NetGalley, Wildfire Publishing & Amanda Reynolds

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