JULY 2017 FAIRY LOOT – Tricksters

Again, you guys know the score…

I will try to keep this short as I am fully aware that the content of box boxes is generally plastered absolutely everywhere. So I will just give a quick description from the spoiler card and a super short opinion.
This has been a great box with some brilliant high-end goodies.

FullSizeRender (9).jpg

Sherlock Enamel Tin Mug by Fictiontea Designs – An exclusive design for FairyLoot and what a cute little bookish mug!!
I love mugs. No more to be said.

Loki Lotion by Geeky Clean – Again, it’s an exclusive design for FairyLoot. It smells UNBELIVEABLE, although defo not what I imagine Loki to smell like. It smells like the inside of those little hippy shops, you know the ones… burning incense, and selling healing stones and dream catchers. Also it is vegan and cruelty free!!!

Officially Licensed Hogwarts Playing Cards – AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. Me and my kids are currently going crazy over these (not the other half, he’s a disgusting muggle).

Harley Quinn Print by Miss Phi  –  This is my fave print ever, I am seriously thinking about getting it tattooed on my body. I am seriously girl crushing on Miss Phi first the pillow and now this, I believe she could design a picture of a POOP and I would still swoon.

Fortune Telling Kitchen Glove by FairyLoot  – I couldn’t have imagined a more random item. It now has pride of place in my kitchen, and as The Disgusting Muggle (the other half) says… you can never have too many oven gloves.

Terrible Truths Watercolour Bookmark by Lexy Olivia  – The bookmark is so beautiful. I still have yet to read Six of Crows, it has been sitting on my shelf for 6 months because I wanted to read the other series first (I am current reading Ruin & Rising, but controversially I find the series pathetic. Way too much love for me) hopefully I will get round to it next month.

Daughter of the Burning City  –  with a letter from the author and signed bookplate. Annoyingly I finished this book 2 days before it arrived in my FairyLoot, but they weren’t to know I already had a copy so I suppose I will let them off.


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