ARC BOOK REVIEW; I’ll Eat When I’m Dead

I’ll Eat When I’m Dead by Barbara Bourland
Release Date; 2nd May 2017

I'll Eat When I'm Dead

RAGE Fashion Book is the world’s most dynamic, ambitious magazine. Its editors ­- like Cat Ono – have the power to change minds and the market. They’re savvy, sisterly and polished to perfection. Even the one found dead in her office.

Everyone thinks Hillary starved to death – but Cat knows her friend’s dieting wasn’t a capital P problem. If beauty kills, it’d take more than that. Hot-headed and fiercely feminist, Cat’s sure she can match the investigating skills of Detective Mark Hutton, solve the case, and achieve sartorial fulfillment.
But going undercover, Cat’s in over her head, and soon becomes snared in a very stylish web of drugs, sex, lies and moisturizer that will change her look – and outlook – forever.

Cat’s about to find out what it really means to be a fashion victim.

I’ll Eat When I’m Dead begins with the death of Hillary Whitney in a locked office, at her workplace ‘RAGE Fashion Book’. The story follows her colleague and childhood friend Catherine Ono as she struggles to come to terms with Hillary’s death, fights to discover how she dies and battles with her feelings for the investigating detective.

Although the story begins as a typical ‘who done it’ it certainly doesn’t stay that way for long. The book is broken down into three parts, each part having a different focus spanning over several months. We are taken on a long winding journey, not always focusing on but eventually reaching the mystery behind Hillary’s death.

The book centers around Cat and Hillary’s friends both at RAGE and not. I found it hard to differential from one friend to another, they all rolled into one. Bourland never really delved into too much about them, intentional or not it did add to the feel of the book; all friend were slightly different versions of each other, obsessed with losing weight and looking youthful, fighting it out in the competitive world of fashion magazine editing. No one knowing each other too deeply, just a lot of fake personas and perfume.
I think that is why I enjoyed the detective so much. He was a refreshing break from the gaggle of girls and it helped to keep the story grounded.

I did enjoy the book and it will stick with me for a long time, even if that is just because of the strangeness. To begin with the book had a Devil Wears Prada feel about it, set in the fashion industry, focused on looks, weight and wealth. But as the book continues it feels more like I fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole.

But honestly I did enjoy the book. It had a great murder mystery running along side some important themes. I’ll Eat When I’m Dead is definitely different but in an easy, refreshing way and I would 100% recommend to any fans of Sex in The City and The Devil Wears Prada.

 **** 4 Star Read ****

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