Concealed Exposed & Contained by RJ Crayton
Release Dates; 21 May & 24 June & 12 August 2016

Concealed (Virus #1)Exposed (Virus #2)Contained (Virus #3)

They said it was extremely hard to get. They said it wasn’t airborne. They said there was nothing to fear. They were wrong. Seventeen-year-old Elaan Woodson was supposed to be one of the lucky ones. She got one of the few spots in the subterranean protection unit designed to keep select scientists, military officials and their families safe from the deadly virus ravaging the world above. But, how lucky are you really when the people in charge and those you love keep secrets from you? While Elaan has heard that what you don’t know can’t hurt you, she’s beginning to think otherwise. And she should…

The story centers around 3 teenagers; brother and sister Lijah and Elaan and their friend Josh. After the world is plagued by a deadly virus, their mothers are now dead and their scientist fathers are desperately trying to save the world in a now post-apocolyptan planet.

I love any dystopian/speculative fiction, it’s definitely my go to genre. Be it zombies, robots, virus or natural disaster I am their with a front row seat and this series didn’t disappoint.

With the world in pieces and the select few survivors being immune or carriers the friend must travel across the country to try and save themselves.

To cut a lengthy review short the series was a great choppy dystopian read. With each book being about 200 pages long part of me felt it could be condensed into one large book or expanded into 3 much bigger reads.

I found that all the books lacked a massive amount of world building. In fact, there was next to no world building. But there was huge amounts of inner monologue from Elaain… too much. I just wished that the massive chunks of book taken up by Elaain’s rambeling thoughts had been used to create a better picture of the world. As the series went on I began to find Elaain more and more annoying. So there were certian occasions where I too would of been asking questions just not continually and constantly the whole way through.

However, it was nice to see 3 main’ish characters for a refreshing change, and I like that fact that the whole storyline wasn’t taken over by a soppy love story.

As a side note, Lijah’s storyline about his sexuality was a non issue.

In summary it’s a great series for any dystopian lover. They are choppy, exciting, fast paced easy reads.

Strong 3 STAR READS!!

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