The Last City & La La Land by Logan Keys
Release Dates; 18 April 2015 & 1st Feb 2017

The Last City (The Last City, #1)La La Land (The Last City, #2)

Sixteen-year-old Liza was prepared to die from cancer, but instead she’s been gifted super-strength. Since the undead plague, the world’s gone crazy: Evil dictators, mad scientists, sick kids imprisoned on an island, and experiments that have created the stuff of myths and legends.
When Liza meets Jeremy Writer, an anarchist rousing the people to revolt, she has a choice to make. Risk imprisonment, or join the rebellion. And she finds she has a talent for enlisting allies to their cause.
Tommy’s a normal seventeen-year-old boy, that is, until he’s angry. The Underground’s created super-soldiers to fight the regime holding the last city. But he struggles to contain his monster more and more, and Tommy wonders how much of himself will be left when they arrive. He’s got too many who rely on him, to give up now.
If Liza can’t help spark an uprising, and Tommy loses control before victory, then the last of the population will be purged, and freedom will be nothing but a memory.

Originally I wasn’t going to read this… stupidly as most of you know I have over requested on NetGalley and have a HUGE amount of books to get through in the next couple of months. Originally The Last City was on my TBC (to-be-culled) list, but the byline of A ZOMBIE DYSTOPIAN NOVEL gripped its pointy little teeth into me and wouldn’t let go.
It has been about a week since I have finished the books and I am having a bit of trouble remembering what happened. Don’t get me wrong… I really enjoyed them at the time, and powered through both in a couple of days. But it obviously says something about the book if I cant remember it a week later.

As far as genre goes it fits the bill. Set at a time where cancer is killing everyone the zombies don’t, the majority of the world is under water and two opposing sides are Waring over the dank, grey ‘last city’ using any and every means possible (including modifying people in the hunt for the perfect fighting machine) however I feel the book could have benefited from a tad more world building, this might just be me being biased as  favorite part of dystopia’s is the environments and one of the main reasons they interest me so much.

Liza wasn’t the most likable character in book #1.for the first half of the book I found her terrifyingly resilient and brave but once she had met Jeremy she turned into the standard love struck heroine influenced so much by their boyfriends opinion. And as for Jeremy…. i didn’t like him from day one. As book #2 centered less around  annoying Jeremy and more around lovable Tommy (with the addition of some GREAT new/old characters in a side story line) I found myself getting more into the book and more invested in the characters, although the story was slower with regards to story line progression I indefinitely enjoyed this more than the first.

GoodReads says…
“The Last City is a young adult zombie dystopian tale that faces all odds in a post-apocalyptic world. Fans of The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, and Divergent will devour this thrilling series.”
… and honestly it couldn’t be more correct.

And as for the ending…
We all know that book #3 will be good winning over evil after an epic battle and an inspiration speak from Liza… and I can’t wait!!

Amazing 4 STAR READ!!

You can check out the author… HERE

Thank you NetGalley, Le Chat Publishing & Logan Keys

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