ARC BOOK REVIEW: Julia Defiant

Julia Defiant by Catherine Egan
Release Date; 16th June 2017

Julia Defiant (Witch's Child, #2)

I requested this book off NetGalley not knowing it was part of the Witches Child series. I don’t generally make a habit of entering a series in the middle but honestly, I just haven’t had the time to read the first book in the series before I started this one. So unlike other reviews I have read, the extensive recaps throughout the book really did help.

I finished the book in a couple of days. Honestly… it wasn’t the greatest I have ever read but it was a good book. As I am sure you will realise my whole review is kind of MEHHHH!
Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an awful book. The characters were strong-willed and believable. I love seeing female heroines fighting their own battles. I enjoyed the storyline, it kept me captivated however it wasn’t particularly thrilling. I didn’t find myself thinking about it during the day, as I so often do with a great book.

There wasn’t a great deal of world building (however I understand huge amount can be found in the 1st book). Personally, I was thrilled by the lack of serious romance, I find that love stories can get in the way of a good action adventure.

However, I did enjoy the ending. I’m a little mad that I read 400ish pages for a couple of chapters of greatness, but they did their job, I can’t wait until the next book. Obviously, I don’t know about the first one but it felt although the story line was building up to something… the third book I presume.

Overall it was a strong 3 STAR read.

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