BOOK REVIEW; The Phantom Rose

The Phantom Rose by Tanwa Adanlawo
Published February 24th 2015 by XlibrisPublishing

Phantom Rose

A story that always ends with a curse. A story as ancient as “once upon a time” in the realm of Hiliax. A story of treason and love that runs deeper than anyone knows. Lillianett is the latest chapter in that story, a half-breed of two realms that at all costs must stay hidden from the people in her mother realm or it may cost her life. For a year she must stay isolated from the people, and then she may return to Tarress realm (Earth). Unfortunately, Lillianett is hot-tempered and too quick to act, which makes her task that much more difficult. Can she succeed in continuing this story, or will she be the final chapter?

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know how much I enjoyed this book, an in ‘read in one night’ kind of enjoyed. So I just thought I would take this opportunity to write a mini review to expand on my thoughts and justify my feelings.

The story follows Lillianett, a half-breed, who on her 18th birthday, as part of an ancient deal will be banished to another world. After a year of training and solitude can she then return back to her realm of Tarress. But with half breeds being feared and hunted can she survive long enough to last the year?

As I said earlier I finished the book in one night, it was a great ‘just one more chapter’ read. I loved the character building and enjoyed learning about each and every one of them. I found there friend ship touching and love for one another deeply moving. Most importantly they were all believable.

The book was really well written, and had me gripped immediately. The ending was great and definitely left it open for a sequel.  I would recommend this book to all YA lovers, (both fantasy and sci-fi) that love a fast paced read, thrilling read.

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Thank you Tanwa Adanlawo

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