The Castaways by Jessika Fleck
Release date 3rd April 2017
Contemporary YA, Fantasy

The Castaway Carnival: fun, mysterious, dangerous.

Renowned for its infamous corn maze…and the kids who go missing in it.

When Olive runs into the maze, she wakes up on an isolated and undetectable island where a decades-long war between two factions of rival teens is in full swing.

Trapped, Olive must slowly attempt to win each of her new comrades’ hearts as Will—their mysterious, stoically quiet, and handsome leader—steals hers.

Olive is only sure about one thing: her troop consists of the good guys, and she’ll do whatever it takes to help them win the war and get back home.

The Castaways centers around a teenage girl, Olive. Tormented by bullies and struggling in high school she finds herself abandoned on an island, in the middle of no where, trapped between two rival tribes.
After books like Caraval, The Night Circus and Freeks who doesn’t love a book involving a carnival, especially when a mysterious deserted island is involved?
I was so excited to read this book when I read the description and honestly it lived up to all of my expectations.

What a great piece of writing. I loved every one on the island (Panthers included). The touching relationships between all of the Castaways is what sets this book apart from the rest of YA Fiction around at the moment. You feel a real connection to all of the characters and im so glad Fleck took the time to introduce us to each and every inhabitant on the castaways-coverisland.
Working together and putting decade long battles aside they must all help one another find a way off the mysterious island.
Part emotional, part brutal and massively thought provoking, this book will stay with me for a long time, and what a beautiful underlying story of friendship and discovery.
The ending made a great book amazing, my only complaint would be… why wasn’t it longer? and where did the time go when I was reading it?
I suppose it would of been better suited to a series, or a longer book. The month or so Olive was on the island seemed very rushed, and it definitely could of been stretched out some.
There were some strong messages in this book especially for younger YA readers, with all the Castaways having to learn to deal with their problems and the journey that takes them all on.

What a great read!!
Received an advanced readers copy in exchange for a fair review

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“Jessika Fleck is an author, unapologetic coffee drinker, and knitter — she sincerely hopes to one day discover a way to do all three at once. Until then, she continues collecting vintage typewriters and hourglasses, dreaming of an Ireland getaway, and convincing her husband they NEED more kittens. Her work verges on fantastical and dark with a touch of realism. She is a regular contributor to the fantastic kidlit blog, Kidliterati, and is represented by Victoria Marini of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency.”

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