Sweetpea by C J Skuse
Release date 20/04/2017

Sweetpea is set around Rhiannon, struggling to get her crappy novel published, living with her crappy cheating boyfriend, surrounded by crappy pointless friends and hating her super crappy job, her only loves in life being her Chihuahua, her Sylvanian Families and… brutally murdering people.

After a tragic childhood incident left her with the lasting life long damage of being a full blown psychopathic serial killer.

With Rhiannon’s diaries we take a journey through her crazed and irrational mind.
The book took me a while to get into and honestly, I was going to give up; but i was bored on the bus and this was the only book I had. I am so glad I continued to read it, writing style took a while to get used to, although it has incredibly refreshing to33847005 read something so honest. The black comedy through out kept a grim character likable and lightened up the whole story line.

My ancient A-Level in Psychology was working overtime while reading this, and it was the psychological aspects that kept me hooked until the very end. She could be and was capable of love (mainly her dog), she felt empathy for baby Sam and was able to make meaningful connections with AJ and Daisy, not to mention her strange connection to Craig and his family.

This the only time I have read a book and not wished for a happy ending, Rhi and Craig moving to the country and raising a family would not have done this book justice.
The ending was great and even now, a week after finishing the book I still find myself thinking about it. Has the book finished because there are no more diary entries?
Am I happy about the prospect of her possibly serving life in prison?…I don’t know. I did grow quite fond of her and worryingly found myself relating to her in a lot of ways.
I did have high hope for her, Craig and the Grain of Rice although it obviously would of never worked out, him being a scum bag and her a cold hearted manic.
I do understand why a lot of the reviews I have seen for Sweetpea say “you will either love it or hate it” I definitely can see why. You either ‘get it’ or you don’t. It did take me a while but I am so glad I stuck with it.
Great Read!!!

Thank you NetGalley & HQUK

Thanks for reading guys!!!



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