Saint Death by Marcus Sedgwick
Published October 6th 2016 by Orion Children’s Books

Saint Death follows Arturo, a young man living in a shack on the border between US and Mexico. Living hand to mouth in an impoverished city, the story follows Arturo as he struggles to save himself and childhood friend from a dangerous situation and a poverty-stricken life.

From the moment I began reading I could tell this book was something special. Sedgwick describes the harsh, grim day-to-day life that poor Arturo battles through. The seamless writing flows between Spanish and English and lends its self perSAINTDEATHfectly to the setting.

I could tell there was more to the book than the simple, verging on non-existent story line, there was definitely a meaningful deeper message to the story, but unfortunately it was lost on me. I do love exploring books outside my usual choice of dystopian YA, but this book, although I knew it was something special it did go over my head.

I tried, honestly I did… But I just could not get into it, as much as I tried. As a general rule I always give a book 100 pages before I pass any form of judgement… and I did, I read about half of it.
I am not saying its a terrible book by any means, I have seen tons of good reviews for it. It just wasn’t the book for me… I found the writing (although interesting) too hard going and the deep messages were lost on me.

Thanks for reading guys!!!

Thank you NetGalley, Orion & Marcus Sedgwick

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