Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney

Sometimes I Lie centers around Amber Reynolds as she tries to piece together how she came to be in a coma. The story follows childhood Amber, present Amber and Amber a few days previous, before the ‘incident’. Although as she states early on in the book “sometimes I lie”, so can her account of things or any of her three narratives really be trusted?

As the story began I thought I knew what type of book it was going to be…
1. Near tragic accident
2. Journey of discovery
3. Heartbreak followed by happy ending…
…Boy was I wrong?!
The twists, turns, and unreliable narration kept me hooked from beginning to end.
I feel although words wouldn’t be able to do the book justice. Coma. Secrets. Family. Amazing characters. Astonishing twists. I was hooked. The whole book was so cleverly written; just when I was beginning to really like and enjoy the characters I found the whole story being flipped on its axis, what I thought I believed to be true I was now doubting.

Alice Feeney has managed to create a great suspension filled psychological thriller that grips you from beginning to end. What a brilliant read.

Thank you HQUK & Alice Feeney and thanks for reading guys!!!



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