The Knights of the Borrowed Dark & The Forever Court by David Rudden

The story centers around Denizen, a 13-year-old orphan living at Crosscaper Orphanage. Denizen has been at Crosscaper for 11 years with absolutely no knowledge of his parents; Battling everyday through the grim and dank orphanage with only his best friend, Simon for company. Until a stranger arrives…
…and Denizen is thrown head first into a world of secret societies, super powers and other world monsters.
FullSizeRender (7)Denizen is such a well written character. Rudden does a brilliant job of describing the emotions and thoughts that would have been rushing a terrified 13-year-old mind, having being told that not only does a whole other world full of horrific creatures exists but that you are a direct descendant of The Order of Borrowed Dark, a secret society sworn to protect the Earth from said horrific creatures. Denizen, his Aunt and the rest of The Order must fight to keep this world safe from the beasts and creatures creeping in from another world.

I really enjoyed this book and it was definitely a refreshing change to the usual YA Fantasy book that have been on the scene in recent months. The story line was great, characters believable and enough action to keep me gripped through-out.

I was lucky enough to be selected by the NetGalley team to review the second installment of The Knights of the Borrowed Dark series as well as the first. And I jumped at the chance to dive straight into The Forever Court.
I really enjoyed the characters first time round and couldn’t wait to see where the journey had taken them. Rudden writes the characters in such a was that yFullSizeRender (8)ou feel although you know then and genuinely care about them, especially Simon, I found him particularly endearing and I am so glad that he has joined Denizen.

While desperately struggling for peace and attempting to co-operate with an unlikely and not all together trust worthy source, The Order face a much deadlier battle from a completely unexpected opponent; forcing both The Order and Forever Court to work together.

Although the story line was much more complex than the previous book, it was equally enjoyable to read. I was overjoyed to hear that there will be another installment in the series.
What great reads! Definitely the next big thing to come out of the YA Fantasy genre.

Thank you NetGalley and David Rudden for the opportunity.

Thanks for reading guys!!!






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