Gardenia by Kelsey Sutton

Ivy knew that when her best friend, Vanessa, was murdered she would only have 27 days to find her killer; because in 28 days Ivy would be dead.

In a small dead-end town, 17-year-old, grief-stricken Ivy, struggles to find her best friend murderer, although Ivy herself is harboring her own secret; she can see the countdown to people’s deaths. She knows when they are going to die.

Upon first glance the book would appear to be a murder mystery, in my opinion it does fall short of that, nor would I describe it as a contemporary, I think it lies somewhere in between, not quite committing fully to either genre.

The book is centered primarily around Ivy’s day-to-day life approaching her death. I really liked Ivy; she was determined, brave, focused and wise beyond her years. And it was so refreshing to have a female lead role that didn’t annoy the hell out of me.

My absolute favorite aspect of the book is ow Ivy touches people lives in her final days; the nursing home residents, Amanda, Brent, Myers and especially her mother and sister. I loved watching them grow as a unit and how Ivy empowered them both.

If you are looking for an easy murder mystery(ish) read, with heart warming undertones, and an extremely likable main character then definitely give Gardenia a try.
A strong 3.5 star read!!
Thank you NetGalley and Diversion.

Thanks for reading guys!!



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