The White Hare by Michael Fishwick
Release Date; 9th March 2017

The White Hare is not a book I would normally choose. I usually find myself drawn towards books with dark brooding dystopian nature. But wow am I glad I had the opportunity to review this book.
The book follows Robbie, a troubled teenage boy dealing with the grief of losing his mother and a difficult relationship with his father and Robbie’s new-found friend Mags who is also struggling to manage her own grief after the death of her best friend. img_6565
The story begins when Robbie, his dad and his new step family move to the country hoping to give Robbie a fresh start and also where Robbie’s new friend Mags introduces him to the myth of ‘the white hare’.
I am used to reading other world dystopia ya books, so this was a massively refreshing change for me, so much so that some of the beautiful writing was over my head. I found the style of writing almost poetic in places, I was perfectly placed with in this strange small village; full of whispers and tales.
I could have initially finished the book in one sitting but I purposely took my time wanting to absorb as much of the characters and descriptions as possible.
Michael Fishwick demonstrated wonderfully the difference in Robbie and Mags’ grieving; Robbie although being emotionally broken was extremely likeable and was the voice of reason throughout. He was unstable yet relatable and sensible. Mags was flighty and mysterious and sometimes incredibly frustrating.
The White Hare is definitely a book that will stick with me for a very very long time and I would recommend to anyone and everyone but especially all that could appreciate what a great writer Michael Fishwick is.

Thank you NetGalley, Michael Fishwick & Head of Zeus!!

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