Arrowood by Mick Finlay

Arrowood will be exactly as you picture it if I describe to you… ‘a gritty, dark murder mystery set in London, 1985’.
It is in no way a sunny, pleasant read, it is an ugly, gritty, harsh murder mystery.
Following private investigator Arrowood and his sidekick Barnett through the impoverished streets of South London in the 1890s. fullsizerender-3Told from Barnett’s point of view it follows the hapless and (not particularly likable) duo as a simple missing persons case spirals dangerous out of control.
Arrowood as a story is a low and steady but by no means boring. The book took me longer to get through than other reads of this size would have. Although its worth taking the time to read to soak in the beautifully written scenes. I thin k the fact that I would describe the book as being “unpleasant and ugly” is a great compliment to Mick Finlay’s writing.
It was a great steady read and I would definitely recommend to any fan of detective mysteries.
Thank you Netgalley and HQ UK.

A solid 3 STAR read.


Thanks for reading guys!!!


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