Ensnared by Rita Stradling

Alainns father, Connor is commissioned to build a robot for Mr Garbhan (the robot looking exactly like Alainn).
However falling behind with his work and unable to produce the functioning AI by the deadline and fearing being put in to prison for fraud, his current unfinished robot hatched a plan to use the real Alainn in the place of the finished robot to be swapped at a later date. img_6520
Alainn fearing she will be trapped in the tower forever reluctantly went along with the plan.
Not usually being a massive fan of sci-fi or love stories I did manage to read the book in a day. It was really easy to read and although the story was loosely based around Beauty and the Beast (so I knew the general story line) it did manage to keep me hooked from beginning to end.
Generally I think the book started of weak and grew stronger and stronger as the storyline grew. I do thing the robot aspect of the plot over complicated things and I did find myself wondering what on earth was going on in places.
As far as love stories go I found it pleasant, Alainn wasn’t the usual loved up wuss you find in most romance stories, she was independent and strong-willed. However Alainn’s useless father and Mr Garbhan were irritatingly pathetic and I wanted nothing more than them to ‘man up’ and fix the situation.
Overall I would give the book a strong 3 STARS, the more I read the better he book got. The ending was the perfect was to finish off the book, after all who doesn’t like a happy ending. And I would definitely recommend to a friend.

Thanks for reading guys!!


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