The Fourth Monkey by J D Barker
Release Date; 27th June 2017
To set the scene, the books starts with what seems to be the all too familiar occurrence of a police officer being awoken in the night to a phone call from his partner, telling him there is something he ‘needs to see’.
Fast forward a couple of pages and you find Detective Porter and his partner, Detective Nash, over the body of what appears to be the infamous serial killer, The Fourth Monkey.
         I have read hundreds of murder mystery/thriller books and although in many ways this is the stereotypical ‘troubled old-timer cop and his supportive family-like team’ it is also much more layered than any I have read before.The Fourth Monkey
                The book follows the story of Detective Porter various members of his team, the victim and my favorite story line, the childhood diary of The Fourth Monkey Killer. I found the diary entries genuinely fascinating,they kept me hooked throughout the entire book, leaving me desperate to learn more about his thought process and how he came to be.
       All of the characters were likable in their own right and I would have loved to have learnt more about the members of Detective Porters team. I particularly liked the addition of ‘Dr Watson’, he and Detective Nash provided the comedic element that was needed to lighten up the whole book.
                  But, WOW, the ending was unbelievably brilliant and completely made up for the fact that I figured out who The Fourth Monkey was very early on in the book. The conclusion was clever and gripping, with several great plot twists. I would describe The Fourth Monkey  as very graphic in parts and not for the faint-hearted.
             Overall the book did play out as the usual ‘cop vs killer’ story in some parts, however, the multiple leveled story line, fascinating journey into the killers psyche and incredible ending more than made up for this and I cant wait to read the next installment.
A big thank you for NetGalley, Harlequin UK & J D Barker for giving me the opportunity to review this book.

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